Casa Jienilor is the perfect place to celebrate special events in your life. We are highly recommended by our organising experience, professionalism and attention to detail, and last but not least by our desire to offer you the most beautiful and memorable party.

We organize events for weddings, baptisms, or private parties, both in our own locations, as well as offering cattering at your location. We offer all-inclusive menus, with the most delicious food and refined drinks that satisfy even the most exigent tastes. In the case of the atmosphere, you have at your disposal both decorations adapted to the latest trends in the industry of event organizing, as well as consulting for choosing them.

We provide salons suitable for the number of invited guests, so you can spend quality time with family and friends in a warm and pleasant atmosphere, all while our direct collaborators will help you with the rest of the little details such as floral arrangements and sweets, each specific to the event type.

We come to your aid in preparing the party with ideas for decorating the salon. Our collaborators will handle everything that is needed. Besides the wedding cake, you can also opt for a candy bar to sweeten your guests. As a party without music does not exist, we offer band and DJ variants to entertain you, and even entertainers, and even entertainers to relax and redeem the atmosphere. Food can be chosen in advance for the fixed menu option, Swedish buffet or you can choose an a la carte menu where guests can order separately from the menu of the restaurant. In the case of drinks, you can opt for either an open bar, where everybody drinks what he wants, or you can go to the classic model to make a selection that is available to everyone on the tables.

Each baptism ceremony is a delicate and joyful event for the new parents. We come to their help with all that is necessary for such an important moment. Our collaborators can offer you a fairy godmother service, while we take care of the rest. Alike a wedding party, in the case of baptisms we also select together a suitable salon, smaller or larger, depending on the number of guests. Discrete baptism parties are becoming more and more frequent, so you can opt for just one or more tables, in a separate or private corner of our venues. For both food and drinks, you can choose between fixed menu, Swedish buffet or a la carte options.

Knowing that the ceremony of baptism and all the excitement around it can be tiring for the child, we offer you a secluded room, where the mother and child can retreat at any time during the party. The room is equipped with a baby cot and a table for changing, so that the parents can enjoy their time with the guests.