Casa Jienilor

Casa Jienilor Restaurant is the warm and cosy place where you can always find a wide range of dishes, from romanian traditional meals to exquisite platters from around the world. We are a traditional restaurant, and we pride ourselves with dishes typical to our country, from the famous bulz to romanian cabbage rolls. Knowing that tastes vary greatly between people, you will also find in our menu a carefully chosen selection of delicacies from the international cuisine, to delight and satisfy everyone's appetence.

Our venue even features a playroom equipped with a Play Station 4, where the youngest of us can retreat when they get bored with the noise that adults make.

Season treats

For each season, we offer you specific dishes, using ingredients gathered from around the country, delivered by our suppliers and carefully prepared by our chefs. We bring traditional products from dairy to meat, such as bellows cheese from the Sibiu area and sheep pastrami from the region of Dobrogea, as well as Romanian vegetables and fruits, cultivated sustainably for an authentic taste.

    • Agricultori Meniu Winter Season 2018

    • Boeuf salad


      with chicken brest

    • Pork Jelly

    • Beef Tripe Stew

    • Shepherd's polenta


      with sheep pastrami and pickles

    • Smoked bone pork


      with beans or cabbage for 2 persons

    • Traditional fried pork meat


      with pickeled cabbage and polenta

    • Traditional fried pork sausages

    • Caesar salad


      with chicken breast

    • Casa Jienilor Salad


      with cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, olives and diced chicken breast


Casa Jienilor is a family company, that believes in friendship and promotes Romanian traditional dishes. Feel free to contact us by phone or email for reservations and informations of any nature, and we will gladly respond, promptly.

Address: Agricultori 12, Sector 2, Bucuresti

Phone:  +40 735 994 994
Email:  agricultori @ casajienilor . ro

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